Friday, 6 April 2012

The Good, Good Friday and the Bad Good Friday!

The Good, Good Friday and the Bad Good Friday!

Well today is Good Friday, no meat, no alcohol but today i got the most pleasant surprise.  There in the comments section was a lovely message from Sara over at  A beautiful blog about cooking, recipes and sewing.  

The surprise was that it was a blog award.  Im sure those of you who are more used to blogging (im really new) are more sure of your audience.  As much as i check how many page views i got, i kinda thought that most were accidental hits.  Not that i mind, accidentally wander to my blog as often as you like, however, i was loosing a little faith but there was a little reminder that not all views were accidental.  

So thank you very much.  Now in keeping with the rules of the award i must thank the blogger who sent me the award (thank you very much Sara) and now i must pass on the award to 5 others by leaving a comment on their blog, so i would like to send the awards too...

  1. Goes to another Weightwatchers follower and blogger at this has some great food finds and recipes.
  2. This one goes to an American blogger at these aren't low fat, generally not overly health conscious but can this lady cook.  In fact i have posted a recipe on my own blog. 
  3. This one goes to because the food is just so gorgeous.
  4. Magda at  I just love Polish food and have been wanting to learn how to cook some of their dishes and especially their cakes because Polish cakes are outstanding. 
  5. Because who doesn't love Spanish Food. 

Please copy and paste the awards and pass on to 5 others and for other wanders, please have a wander to these other blogs because these are definitely food for thought. 

So That Was Part of the Good, Good Friday, this next bit is also really good 

This whole Easter Egg including the treat inside is comes in at the Lowest Weightwatchers Propoints value of ........Drumroll 

Yes, the lot of it is only 12 Weightwatchers Propoints.  Now if your going to splurge your weeklies and chocolate but want some left over, then this is the egg for you.  Im in love with this egg and it has a snake toy!


I grew a tail today.  Yes a big pink curly one, just like a Curly Wurly tail.  I decided to open an Easter Egg for the "children" and the tail just sprouted out of me and i ate my way through it, however it did not stop just their, i was hungry all day and then had a slice "chunk" of Superquinn fresh cream birthday cake and i actually went for the side part so that i got as much chocolate sprinkles as humanly possible and then i went and had my healthy dessert of Baked apples with raspberries and porridge oats topped with low fat custard and cream + sprinkles + a 99 Flake and this does not include my dinner, lunch and breakfast.  So im on Weightwatchers 5 years, lost 9 stone and a half a pound and am now on maintenance and still cannot resist temptation. 

Lessons learned today: wear superglue instead of lip gloss. 

Have a great Easter and enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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  1. Thank you so much for the award. It is so nice to hear that somebody appreciate my blog and Polish cakes :)