Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Weightwatchers Fish Pie

Weightwatchers Fish Pie

This is usually my treat food if i go to a nice restaurant near the sea because its just so delicious.  If there's one thing in Ireland that's great its our fish.

If you have a local fish monger near you, seriously avail of it because the difference in flavor is unreal.  I bought the fish mix for this pie in the new fish shop on Sundrive Road and talk about helpful.  

The fella who owns it, i can't remember his name but if your unsure about cooking fish he will tell you everything you need to know and if your not sure of portions tell him how many people its for and he will give you the amount you need. 

I asked for a fish mix for 4 people and he gave me 1Lb which works out exactly right even going by Weightwatchers measures. It cost me 4.65 which was great for the quality of the fish. 

So i said that i would match a song to each of the dishes for this week and after deliberating whether or not to go for "was a little fishy in a dishy" but that was actually Scottish so i went for this one,  The Divine Comedy the Seafood Song but there was also one other song from years ago that kept popping up in my head, its Sinead O Connor's "Mandinka".  It reminds me of fish and chips on a Friday and me ma saying that lovely girl with no hair so here's this one aswel. So its three for the price of one today lol. 

Back to the fish pie. 

Serves 4

Weightwatchers Pro Points per serving 7 

Weightwatchers Pro Points per recipe 28


3 medium potatoes, peeled and halved

1 Lb of fresh fish mix, or it can be frozen but must be defrosted  before you start to cook. 

1 head of broccoli, broken into little florets

2 Carrots peeled and chopped into sticks 

1 onion finely chopped 

600mls of Slimline milk

2 Tbl of Flora Pro Active 

1 bay leaf

1 Tbl of Dried Dill

Salt and Pepper to taste

A dash of Worcester Sauce 

A pinch of Parsley

1 ounce or 1 Tbl of Blue Cheese

2.5 Tbl of Flour, i used 2 Tbl and 1 teaspoon


Pre heat the oven to gm 5 

In a pot of boiling salted water, boil your potatoes, carrots and broccoli

In a large saute pan add the fish, add some salt and over a medium heat pour the milk in and poach the fish for about 8 minutes. 

When ready drain the milk into a jug and set aside and keep the fish in a separate bowl.  Add onion to the saute non stick pan and soften for about 2 minutes, add 1 Tbl of Flora Pro Active to the pan and allow to melt the add the flour. Coat the onions with the flour and butter mix and add the dill.

Then pour in the milk slowly, little by little and stir constantly, preferably with a whisk until it starts to thicken.  Lower the heat.  Drain the water from the Potatoes and veg.  Add the veg to the sauce and then add the fish back to the mix and crumble the blue cheese into the pot and add salt, pepper and Worcester sauce. 

Transfer into an oven proof dish. Mash your potatoes with a masher and 1 Tbl of Flora until you have the desired consistency. 

Place the mash untop of the fish mix and sprinkle some parsley untop. 

Place in the oven for 15 minutes just so that the potatoes start to crisp. 

Serve and enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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