Friday, 23 March 2012

Teena Gates

Some Inspiration for the weekend

Natalie Cox

Natalie was a leader on this years Operation Transformation and boy was it a transformation.  I know there were 4 others but i really related to her with having young children and actually it was that poster of the Hunky Dory girls, i really understood where she was coming from.

Natalie actually gave me a recipe for her favourite treat so im going to post it here but i cant figure out the Nutritional Value for the Garlic Sauce but it anyone else does let me know and ill work out the Weightwatchers Pro Points for this dish but it sounds like real comfort food and i think that it must not be too bad because she's looking stunning.

Garlic chips with cheese

200 calories worth of oven chips
30 grams of low fat mozorella
Garlic Sauce
Fat Free Natural yoghurt with garlic powder, 

2 cloves of garlic and garlic pepper.

Cook the chips first when done cover with garlic sauce and mozorella.
Between 450-500 calories and my my is it yummy

Teena Gates

This is Teena Gates, she's a radio presenter on 98fm and in just one year she has transformed herself.  She is now travelling around the country doing numerous charity sporting events and training sessions.  

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words

In one short year she lost 12 stone, that's 168 pounds or if your in the metric systems 67.3Kg.

She also has just released a book about her weightloss journey using the Weightwatchers Program

A stunning looking woman anyway but what a difference a year can make.  

I hope this keeps us all motivated over the weekend and we recognize that with determination we can all do it, it just needs planning and persistence. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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