Thursday, 22 March 2012

The hunt for the 0% Greek Style Yogurt

The hunt for the 0% Greek Style Yogurt

Lately i have seen lots of delicious recipes that i really want to try, however they all contain an ingredient that at the moment is like golddust 0% Greek Style Yogurt.  I used to be able to get this in Tescos a few years ago and it was delicious, creamy and almost honey like and perfect for baking but i have not seen it at all.

Last night in Weightwatchers i was chatting to another woman who also loves baking and she said the same about getting the illusif yogurt.

So today i decided that i was going to try and hunt down either this yogurt or something similar, after some research i found out that Tescos sell a 0% Framais Frai that i might be able to use so i went to Tescos in the Square because its quite a large store but while on the hunt i found some interesting buys so here you go.

There new, there Irish and the best part of all, each pot comes in at a whopping Weightwatchers Pro Point Value of .  Now i only tried the Banoffee flavour one, it was quite nice, not really sweet but i have to say for 1 Pro Point and a guilt free gap filler im buying them.  I paid 2.35Euro for a 4 pack which is cheeper than some other low fat brands.

Now these were only in a 2 pack for roughly the same price as the above 4 pack but it is creamy, its strawberry flovour and to top it off the little chocolate bits you can see on top are chocolate covered short bread.  Now theres not a lot of choccy shortbread but there so tasty and these also come in with a Weightwatchers Pro Points value of 1 each.

So after scouring the shelves i found a new 4 pack of Low Fat Greek Style Yogurts.  Also from the same Irish Yogurts brand and i have to say that these are delicious.  Exactly as i imagined, delicious.  Now there not plain so if you plan on using them in baking you will need to match the yogurt flavour to your recipe but the honey greek one would go with almost anything.

Each of these pots have a Weightwatchers Pro Points value of 2 except the Fig one which is 3 Weightwatchers Pro Points.

So after some investigation i found out that all of these bar the fig greek style all fall into the Healthy and Filling foods so if your having a H&F day 1 of these yogurts would be Pro Points and they are really tasty.

So if your all looking for any of these, i got them in Tescos in the Square, but if you find it difficult to travel you could email your local Superquinn or Dunnes.

If any of you find the Total 0% Greek Style Yogurt or Fage 0% Greek Style please drop me a line so i can go get some.

Happy Eating but enjoy the Niptuck way so you dont have too!

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