Monday, 27 February 2012

Weightwatchers Puff Pastry

Weightwatchers Puff Pastry 

Well now who doesn't love puff pastry? untop of Steak and Mushroom Pie, Apple Puffs and even, Dare i say this at the end of February but MINCE PIES.  However all of these dishes, although tasty on the lips really are notorious for landing on your hips.  Usually about this time of year we still trying to shift the festive excess. 

So there is was, doing my weekly shop in Tesco, (i should not have gone as i was hungry) and i see this in the Frozen section.  Yes Light Puff Pastry? I worked it out at 7 Pro Points for 75g.  I know! my initial thought was that's way too many for my liking.  However it is called Puff Pastry because it Puffs up.  I got 3 portions from 75g and that works out at oh yes 2 Weightwatchers Pro Points.  Now that is worth it. 

I cant remember the cost just now but it was around 2 Euro 50 Cent mark.  That means that you get 15 portions for your money now that is not bad at all. 

Was it the same as other Puff Pastry? YES.  Was it delicious? Yes.  Will i buy it again? Definitely.

So what can you do with it?

Well i made a Steak and Mushroom Pie for 7 Weightwatchers Pro Points for a very hefty portion size.

I also made Apple Puff for 3 Weightwatchers Pro Points.  Recipes coming soon when i find my camera with the pictures of these deliciousness on it.  

This could be used for Beef Wellington, Salmon Encroute or Sweet Pastries such as Rhubarb Pie.  Its entirely up to you. 

So this is my Food Find for the Week. 

Enjoy the Nipped Tucked way so you don't have too.  

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