Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Weightwatchers Banana Fritters

Weightwatchers Banana Fritters

OK so checked the blog today and my Weightwatchers Banana Fritters had gone AWOL so am re posting? Not sure at all what happened there but these are too good to loose them so from now on i will remember to save and back up any posts. 

On to these fritter of pure delight.  I changed this up from www.deepsouthdish.com  Its an American site so i readjusted the measurements and also to ingredients i had on hand.  

Serves 6

Weightwatchers Pro Points per serving 3

Weightwatchers Pro Points per recipe 20


3 tablespoons sweetened desiccated coconut (6 Weightwatchers Pro Points)

3 Tsp cup of light sugar (3 Weightwatchers Pro Points)

3 tablespoons of self rising flour (6 Weightwatchers Pro Points)

1 heaping tablespoon corn flour (1 Weightwatchers Pro Points)

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

240ml of water

2 tablespoons of Flora Proactive or Low Low (2 Weightwatchers Pro Points)

4 to 6 bananas


Mix the coconut and sugar in a bowl and set aside.

In a bowl mix the flour, cornflour, cinnamon and water and whisk until combined entirely

In a non stick pan, add the low fat spread to a high heat until it becomes liquid.

Peel, half, and slice bananas lengthwise and dip into the flour mix entirely and then place into the pan

Cook until the underneath is starting to crisp

It will take no more than 3-4 minutes

Turn the fritters over and cook for another 3 -4 minutes

Lift 1 fritter at a time out of the pan and roll in the coconut and sugar mix and plate up

Repeat the process until all fritters are cooked

Each serving is only 3 Weightwatchers Pro Points and there delicious, i topped mine with 1 tsp of Devon Low Fat Custard and 1 tsp of Weightwatchers Cream this equal 1 Weightwatchers Pro Points and i half a 99 Flake and crumbled it 
untop and it was delicious.

Enjoy the Nipped Tucked way so you don't have to!

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