Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weightwatchers Trifle

Weightwatchers Trifle for 4 Pro Points 

This is my favorite Dessert ever.  When i first started Weightwatchers this was the dish i missed most of all.  Jelly and sponge, smothered in custard and cream topped with either chocolate or sprinkles and strawberries.  

Sounds too good to be true? Wrong, i made this at Christmas time for dessert to see how it compared and this is deliciously creamy and gooey and low fat to boot and this whole bowl serves 4 so that means there really good portions.  Anyone who knows me will vouch for my trifle addiction you can eat this without any guilt at all. 

This is a must try!

Serves 4

Weightwatchers ProPoints per serving 4

Weightwatchers ProPoints per recipe 16 


Hartleys Sugar free Jelly

Each sachet serves four and going by the nutritional value on the pack it works out at 2 Weightwatchers Pro Points per sachet

Water as per sachet instructions

1 multipack tube of Devon Low Fat Custard 

6 Trifle Sponge Fingers (I used Tesco own brand, it works out at 1 Weightwatchers Pro Point per 2 fingers

4 30g Tbl of Weightwatchers Cream

4 99 Flakes crumbled

6 Strawberries sliced thinly for decoration


Break each finger into four and place in a bowl

Make jelly up as per directions, however i usually make mine using 100mls less cold water as i like my jelly really wibbly wobbly (actual jelly descriptive words)

Pour jelly mix into the bowl with fingers, place in the fridge and allow to refrigerate overnight if possible. 

When jelly is really empty the tube of custard and spoon over until the jelly is covered completely  

Repeat with the cream, decorate with the strawberries and sprinkle with 99 flakes on top.  You could also use hundreds and thousands here, i checked this out and a tbl of them has 0 Weightwatchers Pro Points and they just remind me of being a kid. 

Enjoy the Nipped Tucked way so you don't have to!

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