Monday, 5 May 2014

Ice Cream

This post contains a lot of Ice Cream, yes I feel like summer is on it's way, I know, I live in Ireland, I am feeling optimistic.  

Have you started your summer challenge in class this week?  In my class this week, we imagined lying by the pool with our feet in the water.  The heat on our bodies and the smell of sun cream.  Then we imagined that we could see ourselves in our bikini's. If you want to change how you look or feel about your body, jump on board the summer challenge.  It may be 8 pound but that's 8 pound nearer to your goal and nearer to feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

With all of this talk of summer, Ice cream springs to mind. 

If you like an Ice Cream or you buy them for other members of your family, here is some of the nicest that I have come across.

WeightWatchers is not about deprivation, it's about moderation.  You did not lose weight because you ate 1 leafy salad, you will not put it all back on because of one ice cream. 

A little of what you fancy will go a long way.

Cadbury's Cream Egg Mini Cones 2 Propoints each

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich 3 Propoints Each 

3 Propoints of Yummyness
3 Propoints and that includes the Smarties you use to decorate the Ice Cream
4 Propoints from the multipacks
4 Propoints of deliciousness

Just remember that moderation is vital, one ice cream will not do a lot of damage, but ensure that it is your treat, otherwise you could start to look like one. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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