Friday, 16 May 2014

Crumpet Snickers


This is the heartiest dessert I have had and if you like peanut butter you are going to love this. 

Again I found this off a Facebook page and I didn't really fancy spending 6 Propoints on it or 3 if I am having a Filling and Healthy day. 

That was until I found this,

I went a body building store in Terenure, I was walking past and said I would have a nosy and I came out with these.  They are E10.00 each which is pricey but here is why. 

These are powdered peanut butters, one plain, the other chocolate peanut butter.  You take 2 Tablespoons and mix with 2 Tbl of water and you get roughly 3 Tablespoons worth of chocolate peanut butter for 1 Propoint. 

That's why they are worth it.  I have tried other calorie free, infact it was everything free and I paid a fiver for a much smaller jar and it tastes like poop, with a weird gelling agent.  Seriously, it even smells weird and not at all like peanut butter. 

There are no weird ingredient's, it's a type of dehydration process that they use. 

Now I have only thought that this could be got on the internet, shipped from America, but there it was in Discount Supplements but you can also go onto the website and they deliver. 

Seriously, if your a peanut butter fan, this is definitely worth a tenner. 

So to make the Snickers Crumpet

WeightWatchers Propoints per serving 4


1 toasted crumpet
2 Tbl PB2 Chocolate made with water


Spread on toasted crumpet, add a drizzle of Sweet Freedom honey, if you like it more on the sweet side. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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