Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Curly Wurly Easter Egg, Yes or No?

Would you buy a Curly Wurly Easter Egg?

Would you buy an Easter egg if the shell was entirely made of a Curly Wurly?  As in, the shell is not just plain chocolate, it would be all wurly and with that being lower in Propoints.  So it would be around 12 Propoints and that would include 2 of the small single bars that you would get in a small selection box. 

Would it be nice to actually get an Easter Egg without the guilt? 

You see I commented in Twitter that it would be nice for dieters, like myself if a Curly Wurly egg was available?  There only the leading chocolate brand, and this was their response, 

There response really did make me laugh, because lets face it, who has ever gotten excited over an Easter Salad?    

Then I got an email saying that had done extensive research and it wouldn't work, I did hope that it was more than there Twitter response.

I'm not hating on cadburys because I love their chocolate but I think this is were companies get it wrong, it's all or nothing, but weightwatchers is about moderation.  Saying that, I'd say my fruit and nut addiction probably paid for 2 CEO salary for a year. I did my own extensive research, and I mean extensive.    

But it did get me wondering, is it just me, the chocoholic that I am that would be enthused by a Curly Wurly Easter Egg or would get excited and more to the point would you buy it?  

Please let me know what you think and If there is a enough responses, I may just send it along to them, just to show that I am not as mad as a March Hare.

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Yum Yum Yum!! Would Love it!!

  2. I would definately buy it. I totally get where you are coming from. Most people will buy an egg and it would be nice to have a choice between one that was 22 points and one that was 12 or so points. At least it would be a choice & a different type of egg. Lily O' Brien do one with the marshmallows in the shell of the egg and they could do this with pieces of toffee & even make the shell wurly like the bar

  3. Put us down on the list for 'thumbs up' for a Curly Wurly egg.