Thursday, 30 January 2014

Just Food Organic HiLo Soups

photo 3 tiers HiLo
January is nearly behind us and we have all been very good since the start of January. However, lunch can sometimes be the most difficult meal for us WeightWatchers.  We are creatures of habit and we end up having the same food for lunch most days because we know whats in them.  

Also some of us have decided that the Propoints plan is the one that suits us better.  Well here is a soup that is great on Propoints but even better on taste and nutrition. 

Rejuvenate your lunch with the new HiLo Soup range from the Just Food Company.  These are perfect in the home or on the go in work.

If your getting sick of the same old lunch, keep reading.  Soup has been given a new burst of spiced life in the form of the HiLo range. 

The Just Foods Company is an Irish based company in Co, Cork.  It was set up initially as a stall at a farmers market which developed into a full blown company supplying restaurants and so forth. 

All of there products are organic and they have a new range of soups out. 

The idea behind the HiLo soups were to have exotic tasting soups that where healthy and full to the brim with vitamins minus all of the chemicals that usually go into packaged soups. 

The range is exotic and gives you the impression that your having quite the naughty meal when in fact your giving your body a power house of nutrition. 



The SuperGreens soup is packed to the brim with goodness.  This is a simple vegetable soup, made up from all the goodness of the super green vegetables but with a hint of mint, giving it a totally different flavour than just your average vegetable soup. 
Each container of 400g has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 3.  


Thai Spiced Vegetable

This one is definitely my favourite, again each container has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 3 and this is worth it, although you wouldn't eat the whole container, it does feed at least 2 people.  

This is an exotic, creamy soup.  It has a beautiful blend of spices and just the right amount of heat but with a creamy cooling coconut after effect. 


Bean and Quinoa

You would be left stuffed to the gills after this soup, it really is a meal all on it's own and no you definitely don't need bread to go with it, it's actually more like a stew.  This is a blend of vegetables, with lots of herbs and mouth watering spices, bulked out with the goodness of black beans and quinoa. 

Each container works out at 6 Weight Watchers Propoints, but you will not be hungry after having this for lunch. 

All of these soups are now available in Dunnes Stores nationwide and some selected Supervalu aswell. 

If your looking for a nourishing, tasty lunch that's organic, these soups were made for you. 

photo 3 tiers HiLo

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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