Friday, 30 August 2013

Chipper Fish & Chips

Real fish and chips
You know when your out on the beach and the smell of salty air combined with the smell of vinegar on chips just gets to you?  

I'm so excited by this because I have been waiting for over 6 years to have a chipper without the guilt. 

Well Beshoff Bros now have a low calorie range.  Meaning, you can have your fish and chips, beside the sea and not go over your Propoints allowance. 

With these propoints, you could even stay within your dailies if you put in some extra activity, such as walking up Howth head.  Then you would really have deserved them. 

So do you fancy a 1 & 1 that actually equals 2?  Then get yourself to Beshoff Bros.

I heard about this and thought, I am definitely trying these.  So, I was away on holidays, in Rush, Co, Dublin.  Very retro 80's recession holiday. Anyways, I decided that I was going to have my chipper while I was over that side of the city, but I was going to work for it.

I cycled from Rush to Ardgillan Castle in Balbriggan, to Skerries, to Howth.  

I arrived shaking, my legs were like rubber and frankly I thought that I was going to drop with the tiredness.  My poor other half had the 2 kids on his bike, I just had the food. 

You can tell by that alone, the confidence of my cycling. 

So I got to the chipper, red faced and jelly legged, ordered with a Low Calorie dinner, to be told, they had none left...

My disappointment was tangible, I said, out loud, but I cycled from Rush?  It meant nothing.  I could have cried. 

To make matters worse, on the way home, we got the Dart from Howth to Baldonnel and when we arrived there, we had to change platform.  The lift was out of order, we had to carry the bikes and the children up 2 flights of stairs. 

I'm still feeling upset over this. 

On the bright side, as there is always one. I lost 4 pound.  Which I had gained because my Weigh In was not weeklies and I felt I knew it all,  I don't.  So there is always a silver lining, but I am determined to try these. 

There are 2 in the range but they also have 3 other options that aren't too bad either. 

All of the nutritional information has been produced by Health Pro. 

1 Low calorie Fish & Chips per serving  13 Pro Points

2 Oh My Cod lunch special per serving  15 Pro Points - this is higher because its cod bites and it means more batter is used
3 Cod & Parsley Fish Cake meal per serving 23 Pro Points (with chips)
4. Fish burger - no chips - per serving 12 Pro Points
5 Kiddies Fish bites meal - per serving 18 Pro-Points - this is a larger portion than the lunch special and it is also cod bites.

Just look at the price, it's so reasonable. 

You see Weight Watchers is not about deprivation, or limiting your food groups, it's about moderation and the restaurant business is catching on and catering for those of us that watch our weight. 

If you try these, please email me and let me know.  The anticipation is really getting to me. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Oh wow! Great to know - thanks a mill

  2. Living North of the Border - how I envy you Southerners!

    Just thought I would surf the net and delighted to come across this site!

    Since getting married I seem to have "lost my way" - lost weight prior to marriage, contented put on too much - and feel motivated by this blog - to go and do something about it!

    Queen of the North LOL