Monday, 29 July 2013

The Irish Blog Awards and the best Food Finds.

Some of my favorite food finds this week.

First things first.  The Irish Blog Awards are now taking nominations for different categories,  A lot of you have already voted for the blog, so thank you.  However, if you haven't and wish to vote for me, here is 
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You can nominate in any category you like and the email address for the blog is 

On my Facebook page I was asked if they could enter me for the Best Blog Post Award for my post on The Fear and some food finds which I was delighted about, so if any of you read the post and think it helps, give us a vote. 

That post is very significant to every Monday really, as every Monday is the start of a new week and can be a fresh start after a "too good" weekend.  The fear after drinking and eating too much.  You all know how it feels to have that fear so maybe it will help get you all back on track. 

Sweet treats have always and hopefully not forever, be my Achilles Heel, but this how I curb the cravings for my sweet treats and these are all reasonably priced. 

 I got them in Tesco and they were lovely, they cost E2.79 and they have a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 3. 

Your Aldi bars, I think they cost around E1.60 and each one is 3 Propoints and I have to tell you they are delicious, cranberry and white chocolate, yum.

Another Aldi bar.  These bars are also in the same range price wise as above and also have a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 3. 

More Aldi and I love these bars, a box of 6 for less than E2 and each bar has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 2, however, if you eat 2 bar the Propoints value is only 3 for the 2 bars, so well worth it. 

Dark mint chocolate, now this is my type of heaven.  They are rather large bars and each one has a Propoints value of 4.  These are great if you shave the chocolate and gorgeous in desserts. 

I got these in Dunnes Stores as they are currently on a half price promotion.  Each bag is 3 Weight Watchers Propoints, but I have to tell you, they really do have a smoky bacon flavor to them. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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  1. Hi Claire your blog is fab and has helped me sooo much ! I am also an Aldi lover I was just wondering the moser Roth mint bar, is that 4 points for the entire bar? I've seen them before but figured they would be very high in points? Thanks Hun X