Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Food Finds

It's back and it's beautiful.  Do not be indoors cooking with weather like this.  Get out there and enjoy it.

I will not be getting into much spiel today because the weather is too nice for it.  Here is some food finds that will help you out for the summer, and I actually mean we are getting a summer this year.


Quorn Quarter Pounders are huge and really tasty and only 4 WeightWatchers Propoints.  A really good alternative. 

Only 2 Propoint each.

1 for 1 Propoint.  I hear hot dog?

I bought these in Aldi and there 3 Propoints each and lovely. 

3 Propoints each.  If you find the Neapoitan Ice Cream on it's own, each scoop is 2 Propoints each. 

I know that I have shown these before, but 4 Propoints is really good value for these.

The light wine that was highlighted in class last week.  Each bottle is 11 Propoints.  Very nice to have with your bbq. 

Enjoy the summer and enjoy your food with it. 

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