Monday, 24 June 2013

Food Finds and the inner binger emerged

Umm Chocolate

These are the best of the food finds from the last few weeks as I haven't done a Food Finds post in a while and I really thought it was time.  

You know the worst part about being on WeightWatchers so long is that when one does want to have a breakout, the only treats in the house are either mini treats or alternatives.  

I have to let you all in on an incident that happened to me on Saturday.  Firstly I had a terrible nights sleep on Friday and then went to work for a 12 hour shift as per normal. 

However, I craved chocolate more than I have ever craved it, so I decided that I would have some.  Now what I was actually craving was a snickers bar but I decided that I would have what I had on hand which was my normal treats.  So I thought that I would eat them.   Then I had some more, and some more after that. 

I had that much bits of things that I ended up like a naughty child on a bad sugar rush. Well I actually ate my dailies, plus my weeklies, all activity propoints and that was all before I even left work. 

What I think had happened was, I got myself a pedometer because my other one broke.  I decided that I was going to start on Saturday. 

My previous one was just a normal pedometer which stated the steps.  In fact it was a pretty basic one, but I would wear it just to see that I was getting enough steps in per day. 

However, this time it was a WeightWatchers one which stated how many Propoints that you earn on it.  A thoroughly great invention.  I earned 9 Activity Propoints and it unleashed my inner beast.  It was emerging like a grizzly bear waking up from hibernation.  I needed to hunt and all of my other skills went out the window. 

9 Propoints, I must eat them.

The sugar rush was so bad that I decided that I was going to dance like Beyonce in the video to all the Single Ladies.  Sounds not too bad yea, I was wearing my most comfortable Dunnes Stores Track suit, while having the worst underwear in the history of underwear on and all the bouncing did not look at all like Beyonce.  In fact I think I did myself an injury.    

Had I have just ate the silly Snickers I think I would have better off and saved myself a lot of embarrassment.  You see my thinking has always been that If I surround myself with healthy snacks or mini treats It would be damage control for the days where the inner binger awakens.  It has worked for 6 years.  It did not work this time. 

My point is that sometimes your better off having what you crave and enjoying it rather than eating everything in site while trying not think about it. 

These foods finds are brilliant and I only regret that I didn't go to Aldi and get the Mars Ice Cream or the Snickers and be done with it. 

Saying that, I was over it by Sunday and it was one day.  As the saying goes " you wont get healthy by eating one salad" so I have moved on.  I hope, or Beyonce my come out again. 

Pre WeightWatchers, I love a Tracker bar, all those nuts and chocolate, anyways I hadn't had one in years until I saw these in Tesco and eat one is only 3 WeightWatchers Propoints.  There exactly like Tracker just a little smaller but absolutely delicious.  Well worth 3 Propoints. 

Time Out individually wrapped fingers are 2 WeightWatchers Propoints and so delicious.  I actually learned this off of the WeightWatchers Community on FaceBook.  What a find!

These little delicious wafer and chocolate curls are gorgeous and so nice with a scoop of ice cream.  2 curls work out at 1 WeightWatchers Propoints. 

Saving the best for last in my opinion, these are only 4 WeightWatchers Propoints.  There just your normal Mars Ice Cream and there in Aldi for E2.99 for a pack of 6.  Now these are delicious and for 4 Propoints, go enjoy them. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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