Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Crisps Propointed

What's in a crisp?  

I was asked a few weeks ago about propointing crisps and I kept thinking I need to do this.  Well I have been away for 2 weeks and I'm literally only back.  My house looks like a suitcase exploded in it.  This has to be worst part about holidays, all of the washing drying and putting the clothes away afterwards. 

Firstly I get asked a lot, if I am on holidays, do I still WeightWatch.   The answer is yes, because It is like a natural instinct that I make the best choice available to me.  I was in England which is absolutely gorgeous and there are 2 things that I always love to have as a treat when I'm there.  Clotted cream, I'm so glad we don't have it in Ireland.  This is usually accompanied by a scone the size of your head and a pot of luscious jam.  

The other is their fish and chips, don't ask me what they do that's different but the fish is flaky and soft and the batter is light and crispy.

So what I do is, when I'm on holidays I do a lot of activity like going swimming, lots of walking, cycling if I can and some kayaking.  Then I can have my scone when I'm visiting one of the lovely old houses with beautiful tea rooms attached or I can have my fish and chips on the pier with the smell of salty air all around me. 

No I don't feel guilty about this because this was my holiday and I have saved all year to go away and it's a treat.  If I'm up a pound or 2, well that's normal for a holiday, I just get right back on track when Im home.   WeightWatchers is not a diet, It's a lifestyle change.  Therefore holidays are part of my lifestyle and I have to be able to incorporate that into my eating habits. 

The only thing that I kind of missed while on holidays was crisps?  I didn't really think that I was a crisp person or maybe it was because I was eating a lot more sandwiches for lunch over there and being Irish a crisp sandwich is lovely and I really wanted a packet of wheelies.

So I'm sticking with Tayto crisps for this post, so here is the list that was on their website that I have Propointed.

Johnny Onion Rings 4

Wheelies 3 (my favourite)

Snaps 2

Chicatees 2

Chipsticks 4

Waffles 4

Mighty Munch 4

Chipsticks 4

LFC's are 5 Pp

 Treble Crunch 3

Velvet Crunch 2
Tayto Crisps 6

I hope this helps anyone looking to have a packet of crisps. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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