Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Real Take Away

Are you bored with Chow Mein being your only definite Weight Watchers friendly meal from a take away? Luckily there is a new kid on the block, and your taste buds are in for an awakening!

So St. Patrick's weekend is upon us.  Now for a lot of us, that means struggle.  What to spend out weeklies on. 

Alcohol or food.  I always find that when I return from the parade, with a beautiful blue tan from the cold, I just want to be fed instantly and Take Away is generally a great option. 

Now I have eaten more chow mein's than I care to count.  There really nice and satisfying and is a great option for those days were life just gets in the way of everything.  Then, I got bored.  I have eaten them all, vegetable, chicken, special, beef.  There was the variety. 

Lately I have been noticing the above sign everywhere that I go, such as, South Circular Road and in Rathmines.  There Thai take away and apparently they have a healthy options range. Now in a lot of situations where you see healthy, a lot of the time, it's not really, and generally not close to Weight Watchers friendly. 

So after a little investigation, I realized that there healthy range, is very Weight Watchers friendly. 

The generous folk over at Camile, gave me a complimentary meal within their healthy options range.  I am in love. 


Po Pia Sot is a cold starter of Thai rice paper rolls with fresh steamed Irish salmon, baby leaves, fresh mint, bean sprouts, pickled ginger and a tiny hint of wasabi mayonnaise – served cold with sweet chili dipping sauce.

It was refreshing and delightful and it works out at 4 Weight Watchers Propoints for the whole dish, now for a starter that's excellent. 

They also have Sweet and Sour Prawn Soup for 6 pro points. 

Fish cakes, each cake works out at 4 Pro Points and there are 4 cakes in each portion ordered.

Char Grilled Chicken Skewers, which is around 4 Pro Points, I'm saying around because I would say that it is at least half of a chicken breast but adding the satay sauce I would give this the 4. 


Pad Prik Haeng

Yes I felt very awkward asking for this dish but it was really worth it.  Tender stir fried chicken with chilli, cashew nuts and spring 

onion in soya sauce with white pepper.  

This was a meal in itself, there was nothing

more needed.   I licked my plate clean.  Now 

for the best part.  This has a Weight Watchers

Pro Points value of 5.  

There are no noodles or rice in this dish,

they are separate, both their steamed jasmine

rice and their brown rice has a pro point

value of  8, however, divide by 2, which is

pretty normal to share the rice with takeaway,

and you have a complete meal for 9 pro points

and I have to say you will definitely be


Also in the stir fry range they have, Pad 

Krapow and Pad King and they all have a pro

points value of 5. 


Som Tom Side Salad, 

It was like a thicker version of coleslaw with a hint of spice, this looked like a small side but actually I only managed half because I was so full.  This has a pro points value of 1. 

The also have Edamame beans, steamed with sea salt. each 25g portion has a pro points value of 3 and a lot more nutritious than prawn crackers. 

I had my entire starters, main with a side for 11 pro points.  All delivered to my door.  They also have a Coeliac range and a children's range so there is definitely something for all the family. 

To view for yourself click here and let them know that the Niptuck Food Blog sent you. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. I love this place and order the Po Pia Sot and Pad Prik Haeng but never realised just how low they were! - how did you work out the propoints as I have looked for nutritional info on their website and havent seen anything!!

  2. I was in contact with them and they gave me the info, it's really delicious

  3. That's brilliant - thanks so much for sharing!! Guilt free take aways more regularly thank once in a blue moon now!! If only they were a bit cheaper :-)

  4. I love Camile but can the Pad Prik Haeng really be just 5? There's a lot of chicken in there! Even if it was just one chicken breast, that's 4, plus cashews at least 2, stir fry oil etc etc.

  5. Well, I was given the calories from the head office on what was in the dish, however I must say they are conscious of it being a healthy option so they seemed to be very clear on the calories, I was amazed but very happy

  6. Thanks a million! I will be going there over wknd as treat. J

  7. Thank you for this! I was about to give in and order a pizza but I googled to see what alternatives I could find and found this article. I've got a Po Pia Sot and a Steak Pad Prik on the way :)

    1. What did you think of it, did it cure your take away craving? At least you saved a whole load propoints