Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cakes, biscuits and crackers

It's Fat Thursday

Today in Poland, It's Fat Thursday, whereby today, traditionally, they eat donuts.  Now who am I to argue with tradition?

A little bit of what you fancy goes a long way.  

I have to tell you that yesterday was the blogs 1st birthday.  It was exactly a year ago since the 1st post and Im overwhelmed with how good of a year its been.  So I thought it only appropriate to celebrate today because yesterday was a mental day with a Donut on this so called Fat Thursday.  

A year ago I was so afraid that I would loose the run of myself after getting to goal but I have maintained, which I have to say is a lot harder than I would have thought.  I have been in the Sunday World after the Weight Watchers Photo shoot and Im currently organising to climb up Carrountoohill, something I never thought I would.  So I just want to say Thank you to all of you that have helped me maintain.

Now for the Donuts

1 of these will not set you back, if you eat the pack, well then your looking at something a little different. These are in Aldi and work out at 4 Weight Watchers Propoints.  That's really good value for something so sweet. I can't remember exactly but I do know that for the pack of 4 it was less than E2.00

Or you could try Supervalue

These are in a pack of 6 and equally as nice, the only problem I have is, if there are 6 and only 4 of you want 1, that means there are 2 left over and if temptation is challenge, you may not be able to resist. 

Breakfast Bars

McVities have a new breakfast bar out.  I bought the Fruit & Fiber one's last night in Dunnes Store for E1.64.  Each bar has a propoints value of 1, however for 2 its 3 propoints.  They come in little packs of 4 bars.  

For the pack it is 6 propoints.  I rather liked them and felt that if I was on the go and ate a pack of these that I would be content.  If your not really into breakfast bar, to have these for just in case time would be really good value. 


Wagon Wheel Biscuits. 

I used to love these as a kid, then around last year I ate one and I remember thinking that when I was 10 they looked double the size than what they really are, however, If your a fan your a fan.  Which I am.  These a new Wagon Wheels that are the size or a little bigger than your average biscuit and each one is only 2 Weight Watchers Propoints.  I though these where really good value, although Im not sure about the dunkability factor for you tea. 


 These are new out.  Ryvita Bakes.  I bought the cranberry & hazelnut one's.  On there own I wouldn't be that into them but with cheese they are gorgeous.

If any of you like cheese that has cranberries and walnuts in them, well if you put the likes of Dubliner Light cheese and these, that's the effect you get. 

I got them in Superquinn and I think they were a little over E2.00 but 2 of these bakes work out at 1 Weight Watchers Propoints. 


I bought Alpro Almond Milk because 200mls if 1 Weight Watcher Propoint and I love a lot of milk in my cereal because I don't take milk at any other time of the day, so I thought that I would try this. 

Its quite expensive, it was E2.60 in Dunnes Stores, however, I used to love creamy, full fat milk, but its been quite a long while since I drank, It was when I was pregnant that I last had it.  This is like drinking cream, it's thick and luscious, It reminded me of what I used to really love about milk.  This I will be definitely getting again as I think it would be brilliant for baking.  

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Oooh I must try almond milk - I love cereal with loads of milk so just dont have cereal anymore. What does it taste like in tea? Can you taste the almond in it?

  2. Hi zed, I haven't had it in tea yet, but I couldn't taste almond from it, it was just like really creamy milk.

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  4. love your blog.. its brilliant the ideas you come up with.. congrats on such a loss. you have me motivated:)