Friday, 4 January 2013

Deals, meals and a challenge for to kick start your Weightwatchers Year

So your still with us, it's getting more and more difficult and your starting to wonder why you bothered in the first place, or it's just getting too difficult.

Not to worry because everywhere that you look for the next few weeks will be fluttered with fitness tips gadgets and recipes, luckily.

As an appetizer


For those of you that haven't heard already, Im planning on climbing Carrountoohil Mountain on the 27th of April and I'm asking as many of you to join in as possible.  It's Ireland's largest mountain standing at 1,038 metres, which is roughly 11 Km.

I have never climbed before and this will be a challenge for me.It's big, it's beautiful and it terrifies me but im really looking forward to it and so many people are already joining in.  I will be giving and update in a little while on my Facebook page, so on over to it for more information.

For starters,

Weightwatchers have a special on at the Moment.  If you pay up front, you get 2 weeks free, this brings you nicely up to Valentines Day.  It's great value and some encouragement to continue and stay at your classes as you have already paid for them.

For some mains,

Starting this Monday on RTE1 at 8.30pm is Operation Transformation.  Although I was always on the Weightwatchers program, I found that watching OT kept me motivated and did make me feel that I was not alone in my quest, which was substantial. It was the boost that I needed inbetween my classes.

Whether I like it or not, these three know what their talking about.  I used some of the fitness tips and some of the recipes, also I found the Facebook page to get or great motivational value.

For Dessert

Aldi have a wide range of Weightwatchers products on sale this week and they are very reasonably priced aswel.  Most under E2.00 which is really good value.

They also have specials on fitness outfits and equipment.  I bought the runners there about 3 years ago and they were great value, now, please remember that I am not a runner and used them for walking. 

Also on my Facebook page, I will be sending out some of the best propoints value foods, in your average shop, so it wont cost the earth and it's a bit more family friendly. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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