Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Weightwatchers selection of selection boxes

Ho Ho Ho 

The one time of year whereby it's ok to have a selection box for your breakfast.  Well, here's my best selection box finds if you are going to indulge in some chocolate.

I'm not a chocolate person first thing in the morning (anymore) however I do love chocolate and especially as I'm lying on the sofa on Christmas Day watching a movie after my dinner.  So I decided that I was going to check out what was the best value Weightwatchers wise.  This year, maybe because I actually looked, I realised there was a good variety of Propoints friendly treats available. 

So the best of the bunch was the small Cadbury's Snowman Selection box 

This whole selection box has only 12 Weightwatchers Propoints.  That's a bargain. 

Next in line is a Maltesers Box 

The whole box has 17 Propoints.  My only problem with this is that is says different per portion, however with an open box, who knows what a portion is.  Therefore, I just propointed the box.

A Mars Selection Box (192g)

This is excellent value for 21 propoints for the lot. 

Maltesers & friends Selection Box

This works out at 25 propoints per box. 

Dairy Milk

The box works out at 20 propoints, which means each individually wrapped piece works out at 2 propoints. 

Cadbury's Occasions

I got these as a present, thinking they would have a huge propoints value but each biscuit works out at 2 propoints.  The whole box has 41 propoints.  Would be lovely with a cup of tea. 


Each celebration works out at 1 Weightwatchers Propoints and I have to say, I really love these and that's great value.


Each Roses has a value of 2 Weightwatchers Propoints. 

So that's the skinny on some of the treats floating around the place at the moment.  So, If you need a pick me up, choose wisely and It shouldn't affect your weight loss.  There is no large selection boxes on this post, because, the large the boxes, the larger the packaging you will gain.  Stick to the small sizes and go for celebrations instead of Roses. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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