Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Food Finds

Some surprising Weightwatchers friendly food finds

(not me)

This is what I've been up too? Well actually if I'm being honest I body boarded and I kid you not, I'm experiencing post workout pain.


The down side to this level of activity, I was starving, I could have ate a large cow.  I was cave woman hungry.  In fact, I'm surprised I didn't take a chunk out of our instructors arm on the drive back.  

Now I am aware that not everybody will choose to get into a wet suit, to be frank, they are not the most flattering, however, while emerged in water, nobody really see's you and you don't even think about it after a while.

If your like me and really have not got the concentration for gyms, this is great fun. 

So back to the food, how do you cope with food while wanting to eat the leg of anything that moves after body boarding.

This wrap is huge at least a third bigger than the one's from Aldi and their only 5 Weightwatchers Propoints and seriously gorgeous.  

Im actually in love with these at the moment because, usually if I'm making pizza, I have to do it in stages because I have my childrens pizzas, mine and then the other half usually needs 3.  Yes 3.  He's one of those bottomless pit partners.  I actually think we have a transferable fat issue going on.  Other half eats everything in site and I gain.  

You can get these in Supervalue.  Their called Safafoods Meditteranean Wraps and their well worth getting. They also freeze brilliantly.

Aldi half corn on the cob.  Each one is 2 Weightwatchers Propoints and seriously tasty.  I so like corn on the cob but usually it leads to more than 2 Propoints.  Just a note of caution, don't use Weightwatchers butter on these because the butter does not melt. 

Seriously tasty Cabdury's Highlights Trifle, 3 Weightwatchers Propoints.  These are dreamy.  I think I have identified my love of all things Trifle and these are no exception.  

I bought these in Tesco in Rathfarnham but I did notice that they were difficult to come by but they do have a long shelf life so grab them if you have the room in your fridge.

I do love some Ice cream topped with berries and some sprinkling of granola and this is actually only 1 Weightwatchers Propoints per 40g scoop and its surprisingly tasty and quite cheap as it goes. 

These are the Christmas biscuits that I actually wait a whole year for.  I got them in Aldi and if you love gingerbread your going to love these.  Each one is 1 Weightwatchers Propoint but 2 of them is 3.  

For me, these are definitely worth it.  The nutty one's covered in chocolate I wont share at all.  I remove them from the pack and that's it there mine.  These are my rolo so if i gave someone my last one of these, its the equivilant to a marriage proposal. 

Well this is my lot for today.  If anyone is interested in surfing or attempting I can highly recommend TurfnSurf in Bundoran. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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