Thursday, 9 August 2012

Weightwatchers Propoints in the Breakfast Cereal Bars

Many a morning have i fallen out of the bed, got dressed in the dark and ran out the door with a toothbrush stuck in my hair and the hairbrush in my mouth.  Were all human, i remind myself at 11 o clock when i realise that i am wearing shoes that don't match.  Yes i have done this. 

On these occasions, i wake up starving and really need something in my system but its on these days that its so much easier to grab a croissant and coffee in your local shop and eat on the go. 

Well now its as easy to grab a cereal bar and their usually placed not that far from the indulgent pastry.  I always try to start the day healthy and if i am planning on indulging i would rather leave till the evening.  Also if i was going to indulge at breakfast it would be on a mixed grill rather than the one little or not so little pastry. 

If in doubt, this list might help you deciding on what is the best option to go for on these days. 

I got most of this information from years of stalking the aisles at the supermarket but there is also for their brand bars but aldi bars you just need to stalk the aisles:-)

Coming in with a value of
2 Weightwatchers Propoints  
All Supermarkets 

All Supermarkets 

Aldi, half the price of other brand cereal bars

All Supermarkets 
Usually Supervalue but at like gold dust to find

Aldi, really good value 8 bars for less than 1.50

 With a value of 3 Weightwatchers Propoints 

All Supermarkets 

Aldi and these are my favourite, there kind of like a Tracker bar which i love

Most Supermarkets, usually Tesco

All Supermarkets 

With a Weightwatchers Propoint Value of 4 is 

All Supermarkets and this 4 PP for an individual pack of these and i really like them

You  may get a sugar rush from these but most supermarkets and shops have these

A Weightwatchers Propoints Value of 5

Most Supermarkets but the Euro shops sell these for 2Euro a box

All Supermarkets 

All Supermarkets 

There are lots of others out there, this is just a selection, but most of them are widely available. 

I hope this helps you on those "fall out of bed mornings" 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!


  1. I have the nature valley bars every day for breakfast with a cup of tea - much more filling than fruit and yogurt or cereal and I dont have time for eggs in the morning! They are fantastic!

  2. I love them, i find that i actually am full from them. Even one of the bars is great for a little gap filler. Im a fridge picker and these sort me out and stop me falling into the fridge while i decide what to cook for dinner lol