Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Weightwatchers Gooey Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Light, fluffy, gooey and super moist chocolate cake topped with spreadable chocolate, strawberry and coconut.

Well we have been warned to baton down the hatches because their is a storm brewing and that it will be a good match to hurricane Charlie!

If this is true, its going to be a long day so why not spend it baking.  This post is early enough for you to get the ingredients in while on your way home from work. 

Actually this wont take that long at all because again it uses Betty Croker Devils Food Cake Mix .

Im aware that put a lot of recipes/combos that include these mixes but they are so handy and can be made guilt free with the addition of good nutrition.

This cakes uses pureed beetroot.  I actually bought a jar of pickled beetroot and washed it.  Now when i say washed it, i mean it was like washing a dye out of your hair, waiting for the water to run clear.  It took a while, but that was actually the longest part of the process.  So if you can use fresh beetroot otherwise just do what i did and it will be fine.  

There are lots of benefits to beetroot so if you want to know what they are click here.

Just like the Chocolate Brownies i posted a while back that used Lentils, you will not taste the beetroot at all.

I actually made these for some work colleagues and none of them thought that there was beetroot in them.  In fact the general chatter was that people were going to have to go on a long walk to shift the cake. 

Little did they know that in fact, the calories were nowhere near what they thought.  

To top this i used Choccy Philly,  I just love this stuff its so versatile.  I have found so many uses for this that i think im actually going to have a little folder on the blog the says Choccy Philly recipes.  

So here's my advise if become housebound especially if you have the kids during the anticipated storm.  Play the Wii or other activities, it will help with your activity Propoints and wears the kids out.  Bake this beautiful cake and and enjoy without a shred of guilt. 

Weightwatchers Propoints per Recipe 60
Weightwatchers Propoints per Serving 3
Serves 20 


1 box of Betty Croker Devils Food Cake Mix
1 Normal sized Jar of Beetroot
2 Egg Whites 
1/8 tsp of Salt

For the Frosting

180g of Chocolate Philidelpia 
3 Tbl of Shredded Coconut ( I used Odlums) 
20 Strawberries


Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 or 140 degrees. 

Remove beetroot from the jar, place in a colander and allow water to pour over the beetroot.  This takes a while but wait for the beetroot to run clear. 

Pour the cake mix into a bowl, add the egg whites and the salt.  Give a little stir. 

Place the beetroot back in the jar and fill the jar up with water.  Pour the whole thing into a large bowl and puree with a hand mixer until smooth.

Add the beetroot by pouring a little at a time into the cake mix and stir with a whisk.  You may not need all of the beetroot but you will need to use at least 3/4 of the beetroot.  The mix should still be thick but loose, not stuck together.

Use an oblong or rectangle baking try but make sure its quite long.  Mist with spray oil especially at the corners.

Place in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes. 

Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning out on to a wire rack.  Allow it to cool for about 1 hour. 

Once cooled, cut the cake into 20 pieces, their fairly substantial pieces for 3 Propoints

Melt the Choccy Philly in the microwave for about 40 -50 seconds until its loose. Pour 1 tsp of the Philly over each piece of cake and spread with the back of a spoon until each piece is covered in chocolate. 

Place one strawberry unto each square and sprinkle with coconut. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!

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