Thursday, 3 May 2012

The skinny on Eddie Rockets?

Don't ya just love Eddie Rockets ?

Yes i do but is it worth it? Here's the skinny on the Weightwatchers Propoints on the Eddie Rockets menu.  You know when your out, with friends and this is the place you all decide to go to before the cinema.  

Well here's a list of the propoints of the menu from Eddie Rockets.  I took these from however i also found the same results on a couple of the forums. This may be handy to have if your ever in this position. 

After browsing their web site apparently their bringing in a new menu and a section of it is called "Options" and their will be a low Carb section so maybe in the future it wont be as much of a no go area. 

Choose wisely!

2 Rashers – 5 pp
2 Sausages – 5pp
2 Hash Browns – 8pp
Mushrooms – 1pp
2 Toast – 4pp
1 Fried Egg – 2pp
Scrambled Egg – 5pp

Hot Dogs

Foot Long – 5pp
Chilli dog – 9pp
Cheese Dog – 10pp
Chilli Cheese Dog – 11pp
Bacon Big Boy – 11pp


Nachos – 8pp
Add Chili – 5pp
Add Marinated Chicken – 4pp
Add Guacamole – 4pp

Chilli Con Carne – 7pp
Tortilla Chips – 4pp
Grated Cheese – 4pp
Blue Cheese Dressing – 11pp

Fillet of Fish – 7pp
Tartar Sauce – 3pp
Bun – 3pp

Chicken Fillet – 4pp
ER Secret Sauce – 7pp

Hamburger – 9pp
Bacon – 1pp
Caremlized Onion -1pp

Cheese & Sauce
Cheddar – 4pp
Swiss – 4pp
Blue – 5pp
Smoked – 5pp
Melted Swiss – 5pp
ER House Dressing – 7pp
Bicks Relish – 1pp
Pesto – 3pp

Veggie Burger – 6pp

Buffalo Wings – 6pp
Wings Sauce – 2pp
Tenders – 8pp
Garlic Mayo – 7pp
Cajun Dip – 3pp

Caesar Salad – 7pp
Add chicken – 4pp
Add Bacon – 1pp
Add Tenders – 8pp
Add Mushrooms – 1pp

Regular Fries – 14pp
Add Chilli – 5pp
Add Cheese – 4pp
Add Garlic – 7pp
Add Bacon – 1pp
Bowl of mash – 2pp
1/2 fries 1/2 onion rings – 18pp
onion rings with garlic mayo – 12pp
garlic mushrooms with mayo – 14pp

Fudge Brownie – 9pp
Knickerbocker Glory – 12pp
Ice Cream 100g – 14pp
Cream 60g – 9pp

Floats All – 11pp
Diet Float – 7pp
Malt Shake – 28pp
Oreo Shake – 24pp
Milk Shake – 27pp

Enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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