Monday, 23 April 2012

Weightwatchers Style Baked Pear with Carte D'or Vanilla Low Fat Ice Cream and crushed Cadburys Crunchie.

My Pearway to Heaven

Baked Pear with Carte D'or Vanilla Low Fat Ice Cream and crushed Cadburys Crunchie.

Yes im blogging at mad hours today just because of the usual Monday madness in most peoples house.  Yesterday i was eating within points but really silly foods and today i craved for a Sunday roast so i made it and i have to say that it was well worth it.  I love roasters and i love stuffing, whoever invested should have been given a medal.

However this is not what todays blog is about because 1. my camera is still missing? you know what you put something up safe, well yea its very safe and 2. i was too hungry to think about anything else and the smell of it throughout the house, chicken and stuffing, i wish there was smelluters because it was that good.  I will soon do a post about how to roast a chicken Weightwatchers Style that gives goose fat a run for its money.

Today’s inspiration came from having the ads in while watching Scott & Bailey and I really couldn’t help myself and I had all the ingredients on hand. 3 Ingredients that's all that's in it.

I know you all probably think that I have an addition to Desserts.  You would be correct. I knew that when I started off my Weightwatchers journey that I had 2 paths.  1 being the sprint whereby a live, breath and only eat diet or no: 2 was go the long haul think about what food I actually can't live without and figure a way to incorporate that into my weight loss journey so that i would maybe stick it out and that once i reached goal it wouldn't be Party Time and now i eat "normal" again.

I chose the second.

If desserts are what make or breaks you, start to think how you can still live life while seeing a result on the scales. However this quick fix dessert will not bust your gut.

I actually used a tin of pears (in their own juices) that i had because there just so juicy, I took one pear half sliced it into 5.  Popped it into the oven for 5 minutes, plated it up added 1 scoop of ice cream and crushed the treat size Crunchie on top and it was heaven.

This works out at 4 Weightwatchers ProPoints and I mean it was as good so good.

Enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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