Thursday, 26 April 2012

Support, Coughs and a dirty Chinese.

Before i get into today's blog i have a favour to ask all of you

I need your support

Im planning on jogging? yes jogging the women's mini marathon in June for Pieta House.  

They are a charity that help people who are feeling suicidal and also they help the families of those left behind by their loved one's. This a brilliant charity and is winning awards and really changing how suicide is perceived.

This year alone the numbers of suicides is increasing at an alarming rate.  For some people life is too much and too many of us know someone who felt like this.

Im aware that times are really difficult money wise for people in our current climate but for those that feel like they have even the smallest amount to spare i would really appreciate it if you could support me in supporting this charity.

All though i have previous walked the 10k i have never jogged it and actually im hoping i can do it so this is a challenge for me. In fact im getting more nervous writing this because now i have committed myself to jogging it!

Here's the link if you would like to sponsor me,

Thanks everyone and i hope that we start to hear less that people feel that life is not an option.

Love Cc 

Also there are 2 very special and brave people in my Weightwatchers class that have entered the Spartan Challenge to have someone train them for the Dublin marathon in October. All that im asking is that you vote for either or both if you can because both have come so far.  

Ronan is the only male in my class and he's so supportive to everyone and he's doing really well.

Julie has lost over 6 stone in the last year and is now challenging herself to run the marathon.  

Both are very brave so if you have a minute to spare please vote so that they can get this opportunity. 

Now to my lazy week where my kitchen has been neglected.

Well i actually do like Chinese food, but if im being honest i love fat Chinese food like lots of curry sauce, crispy duck, fried rice, prawn crackers the works, in general.  However none of these help me on my journey (boo hoo).  There have been a lot of people asking about the Weightwatchers Propoints in Chinese takeaway and to be honest it had been a while.  I got a turn off takeaway on my last pregnancy.  I know, how lucky was I? 

Then this week, coughs and sneezes entered the building and they have not left yet and i really was not in the mood of a hot kitchen and with watering eyes i don't think i would have been able to do much anyway (well that's my excuse and im sticking to it) cough, splutter etc. 

So i went looking at what is actually not too bad.  I found a good bit of information on  there is not a lot on the Weightwatchers Propoints values of Chinese food, im guessing their is a pretty good reason for that but here's the list that i found and i hope that if your having a day where you need a fix of takeaway that this helps you make some informed choices.  I had a chicken chow mein, i pro pointed this at 9 because there's not actual Propoints for this so i just went with the highest which i felt was reasonable by all accounts. 

Now it does not state the exact amount a portion contains but when it comes to the chow mein i think that a complete meal would actually be the small try but if its the curry it would be half as you would then need to add some carb or side dish.  However, this is just an estimation as i really could not find the info on it.  If any of you do have the info please pass it on and i will add it to the blog. 

Mini Meal Plan  ProPoints values

STARTER: Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 6
MAIN: Szechuan Prawn with Vegetables   12
DESSERT: 6 Lychees         0
TOTAL:  14

Starters ProPoints values

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 6
Spring Roll 9 each
Seaweed (deep fried) 9
Hot and Sour Soup 4
Prawn Crackers (average portion) 9 "my portion might amount to 18)
Sesame Prawn Fingers  3 each

Mains ProPoints values

Char Sui Pork     11
Chicken and Cashew Nuts 9
Chicken with Mushroom 8
Mushroom Chow Mein 6 (So good)
Mushroom Foo Yung 6
Roast Pork Cantonese Style 10
Special Chow Mein 9 (as above as both are complete meals)
Szechuan Prawn with Vegetables 12
Vegetable Curry 8
Lemon Chicken 10

Desserts ProPoints values

Fortune Cookies 2 each
Ice Cream 9
Lychees (6) 0 (umm no chocolate? it said dessert right?)still an option though.
Toffee Banana  15

I think that 9 Weightwatchers Propoints is not bad at all for a complete meal. 

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