Saturday, 5 July 2014

The dog ate my homework, oh no, sorry, that was me!

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I know I'm 5 foot 4 but I'm very big boned for a very short person.  Those doctors just don't understand me at all, I really am big boned. 

I really believed I was big boned, as in I was not lying I really believed this.

Not that I am disagreeing with anybody on this one, however, are you using it as an excuse?  and if you are I am still not going to argue with you!

Yes, there are a huge amount of changes happening to your body and your natural rhythm is all out of sync.  Don't allow this as your tool to determine how you feel about your body as a more mature lady.  Being fabulous has no boundaries, but you create the boundaries of your own beauty. 

Just before I started Weight Watchers I went to my doctor as I wasn't feeling too well.  I told him that I felt I might have a thyroid problem and he said "it's possible"

A lot of bloods was taken and I went home and did my research, with my PHD of Google.  I was convinced that I had this and once I was diagnosed, everything would sort itself out. 

I told all of my family and in my head I was quite happy in the knowledge that the root of my weight problems was down to this pesky Thyroid and then I wouldn't have to feel bad anymore about my weight, because it was not my fault. 

It's a medical condition.

I waited and I waited and I waited and still no call came from my doctors about my thyroid?  I couldn't understand what the problem was, why weren't my bloods back? 

So I called them instead and got through to the nurse and explained about bloods and waiting for results and off she goes looking for the results.  Then she responds with, "nope, all fine in that department, a clean bill of health"

I was devastated, if it wasn't that what on earth could it be, I had done the research, I definitely had it, then I got a call back from the doctor himself,  allelujah, here we go, problem identified. 

Nope, just letting me know that my calcium was low and my iron? 

Why did I have all of this weight on me

At that time, I would have rather have a life threatening disease than take responsibility for my own weight problem. I searched for excuses beyond the
"I don't have the energy"  or I'm too far gone to do anything about it".

I wanted illness, after this I then thought that maybe I was a ceoliac, that would explain the bloating, yes, the bloating of me when I weighed 19 stone 4 lb but it was the white bread that caused the problem.

Did I mention that the white bread was roughly 4 slices of batch bread or a giant Cuisine De France roll, no that didn't matter, it was white bread. 

Then I realized that it was all just an excuse. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Oh wow! This was/is me - did WW 10 years ago and it so worked. Fell off the WW wagon and gained it back over time -- spent too long convincing myself there was some 'other' reason for gain. Bit the bullet and went back, on week two following week one loss of 6.5lb so thrilled and so glad I am back!

    1. Wow, that's incredible, it's all in our mind, our body's will follow. Your doing really well. Now on the week you really want to give up, remember, it's all in your mind:-)

  2. I think that it is important to recognise that while there are excuses that are just plain BS, there are other excuses that people make that are arguably legitimate reasons to slack off.
    I'm talking about obstacles that get in the way of your diet or workout that you either chose to use as an excuse to quit or do whatever it takes to overcome them.
    Having the discipline and commitment to push past obstacles rather than using them as excuses to quit is vital to your success.

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