Friday, 10 January 2014

Keep it Simple

So it's the first week of simple start, how are you all finding it?

Well I had my week pretty much planned out for simple start and was really looking forward to it.  Then my daughter was  taken into hospital and everything got thrown up in the air. 

I have to say that I find it funny that all of the doctors on tv talk about the obesity epidemic all the time, then, your in a hospital and there is no healthy option whatsoever.

There was a jacket potato available, where each one cost €4.95. I mean 1 potato, a fiver? It leaves a lot to be desired.  A salad and soup will cost you the guts of €8.  

If they want to tackle obesity, they need to look at role their organisations play in encouraging the epidemic. 

That is why I have been living on crumpets.  Crumpets with ham, crumpets with yogurt, crumpets with fruit.  

I am sick of crumpets. 

Why am I trying to stick with simple start while the week is so hard with my daughter being in hospital? 

Well I have learned that life will always throw me an excuse to go off track, If I allow those life problems to excuse me from being healthy, well what weight will I be?  What would be the outcome.  The excuses are what got me to my heaviest and I wasnt happy there. 

I definitely won't have lost weight, that's just how the week has gone and with a serious dose of crumpet over use, I can't expect more but at least I can expect not to have a gain. 

It's called simple start to make it simple for you.  Don't complicate it.  This program is a 1 week body boost to kick start your weight loss.  It's tried and tested with brilliant results. 

 Just do it.  It's 1 week out of your life.  If you don't like it, there's always next week, but persevere for the next couple of days.  Keep perspeactive that it's for 7 days. 

If nothing else, you may learn a thing or 2 about how many treats you normally have and make you thino, are these treats for me or have they become part of my normal dietery intake. 

This week alone, the most sweat treats I have had is 3 chocolate snack a Jack crackers.  That could have been my daily treat intake, not my week. 

Trust yourself and the program, it won't lead you astray. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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