Monday, 8 October 2012

Weightwatchers Lidl Food Finds

Weightwatchers Friendly Foods in Lidl 

As always I'm a sucker for a bargain and I have to say that Lidl have great bargains. 

Not only in the price stakes but also in the Weight Watchers stakes.

As someof you may know, I do a lot of shopping in Aldi but Lidl is also high on my ranking.

Aldi are great for breads and sweats but Lidl do their own range called Linessa and its really good.  Your probably already  aware of these but on the off chance that your not here you go. 

So if you want to tighten your belts literally and your purse strings.  Shop in Lidl.

Also if you are looking for some tasty treats in Lidl here's the link to a previous post on pastries from lidl 

This milk is lovely.  Its also Irish although in this picture it has the British flag but its from Cavan. It cost E.79cents for 1 Litre and best of all its 1 Propoint for 200mls of milk.  

That's double the milk for the same propoints. Its long life so you can actually stock up on it if you choose.

Sweetener, usually around the E3.00 mark or more.  This is E0.99cents for this and its the exact same as any other sweetener.

If you like sweetener definitely get this to save you at least E1.50

I love this cheese.  This is the best cheese for making pizza because its grated so finely that I feel like I get more from it.  

This works out at 1 propoint for 25g and its lovely.  This was E1.59 and well worth it. 

This is gorgeous and it was only E0.59 now that's a bargain.  This works out at 2 propoints for 30g.

A little fresh cream is always, for me the icing on the cake.  For 10g of this which is a measured Tablespoon is 1 propoint.  It was E1.59 and well worth it. 

OK, so these are your average Weetabix with the same pro point value, the difference is over E2.00.  These were E2.79 and the same amount of Weetabix is nearly E5.00.

I love fish but it can be expensive. For these 2 fillets it was E2.79 and even better each fillet has a propoints value of 2.  

Lidl do a great fish range.  The lemon sole fillets in cracked black pepper and parsley has a value of 4.  

The have fish in a creamy tomato sauce for 4 propoints which is not bad.  Have a look through their fish counter and your sure to find a good bargain.

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Great blog, somebody brought up this blog at our weightwatchers meeting I had to have a look x

  2. Thanks folks, im delighted that your liking the blog:-) I hope it helps with the Weightloss:-)

  3. I just hit my goal yesterday - and am blogging about it - I love LIDL - and their stuff is GREAT value as you said in both camps! :-)

    Well done!

  4. Thats a great help and well done foods at half the price and half the calories. Thanks for info

  5. Lidl just posted this on their facebook page so I had to come check it out!

  6. Really interesting but the spelling errors really take from a fine article. Spell-check?

  7. @ringleader, I do hope you liked the blog. @Lenny, quite right, I really should pay more attention to grammar and punctuation, but thank you:-)

  8. love this blog,keep up the good work :)

  9. I love the food finds parts to your blog! It really is so helpful it means I don't have to point foods and then I can just print the pics and points of the items I like! Not just the lidl food finds but the aldi ones as well, as a student on WW I find them invaluable! Keep up the fantastic and really helpful work :)

    And what's more is I LOVEEEE your tag line, its hilarious yet effective

  10. I love your blog, it's so interesting and really good tips and finds! :)
    I blooming LOVE your banner picture too, it's amazing!!

    I've recently wrote a post on the beginning of my healthy lifestyle journey, it'd be amazing if you could check it out and if you had any tips that's be so helpful!

    Thanks :)