Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Pops?

Well its not warm but it is summer and that means Ice Pops 

The bad blogger

Yes its been a while but i was away in beautiful south England and what a place it is.  I have fallen in love with it and i think that their clotted cream and lemon curd may have contributed to my new love.  I have to say that England really know how to do cream teas aswel as chutneys and relishes.  Not great for the waistline but i was on holiday and intended to enjoy it and i did. 

Needless to say that i have yet to weigh in but im expecting a gain but i will take that on the chin.  I also discovered a meal called Faggots which i have to say was extremely tasty, now to learn if they can be niptucked?

Well im home and apparently its summer in case there is any confusion on the seasons.  I intend to have a summer even if the weather is not here.  I have bought the wetsuits so swimming is on the cards and in my youth after sea swimming there was always the ice pop treat afterwards. 

This is not a complete list but a list of my favourites and their pro points.  I got all of the information on  so if your favourite is not on this list, check the website out as it give the nutritional value for most ice pops out there. 

Enjoy your summer and "cool down" with your favourite ice pop and i promise to blog more recipes. 

Mr Freeze Cool Pops 1 

Super split = 2 pp

Loop the Loop ice pop = 2 pp 
Twister = 2 pp

Frozen Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly = 2 pp
Orange split 2

Solero Exotic = 3 pp
Calipo 3

Viennetta Caramel Crisp per slice 100ml 4
Wibbly wobbly wonder = 4 pp

Romanitica per slice 100ml 5
Ice berger = 5 pp

Brunch = 6 pp

Magnum 7

Feast 8

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