Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Eton Mess

Bank Holidays, Marathon and the Queen's Jubilee

What a weekend.  I completed the Flora Woman's Mini Marathon 10k in 1 Hour, 40 mins and 52 seconds.  I was so happy because i think that my fastest time ever was about 2 hours 10 mins and seriously i had not trained much at all.  However i did "Jog" inbetween needing an oxygen mask, lol.  No, really it was not too bad, in fact it was possibly the first time in my adult life where i felt fit enough but my body had needed a bit more practice.  Note to self, must remember this for next year:-)

Yesterday was Bank Holiday and after the 10k i really felt like a deserved a treat and with all the celebrations in the UK for the Jubilee i felt like i should join in on the occasion and this is how i did it.

It looks messy but then its suppose to be, also it included all my favourites, fruit, cream, meringue, chocolate and coconut and it took about 3 minutes to throw together.  That deserves a mini celebration all by itself.

So if any of you are still in full swing celebrations, this may just help you along the way.

Weightwatchers Value Propoints per Serving 5
Weightwatchers Value Propoints per Recipe 10
Serves 2


2 Tesco Meringue cases
60mls of Weightwatchers Fresh Cream
12 strawberries sliced ( i used Wheelocks from Wexford because there beautiful)
30g tub of Choccy Philly
2 Tbl of desciented Coconut


Crush each meringe seperately and place into a bowl, add in the sliced strawberries, pour 30 mls (2 measured Tbl) of Weightwatchers Fresh Cream onto each bowl. 

Divide the Choccy philly into 2 and share between bowls.  Top each serving with 1 Tbl of Coconut.

Enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

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