Friday, 8 June 2012

The Big Breakfast for The Euro Match

The Big Match 

So the big game is this Sunday and judging by conversations ive had, stomach lining will be needed.  So with this in mind i decided to share a few tips with you all on how to have your Sunday Fry up without it turning into a Weightwatchers Mess up.

Now im not a big fan of fry ups.  I know, a mortal sin here in Ireland but im a creature of habit and i love my cereal but if i were to have something (usually after i night out) this is what i would have. 

Dunnes Stores Reduced Fat Sausages.  Yes, these are real sausages, not turkey, chicken or other.  There pork and the best part is 1 sausage has a Weightwatchers Propoint Value of 2.  However, who only ever has 1 sausage, 2 sausages has a pp Value of 3.  So really, its best to have 2 sausages. 

There are lots of lower fat rashers to choose from, but i love streaky rashers and these are so tasty and literally are done in about 30 seconds on a pan or 10 in the microwave.  The whole box has a Weightwatchers Propoint Value of 4.  This works out at 3 streaky rashers for 1 WW PP.

Fry your egg using the Flora spray oil, or poach, boil or scramble.  Add in your fried mushrooms and tomatoes.

All of this has a Weightwatchers Propoints value of 6.  Not bad for a Sunday Fry.

For bread you can have the Weightwatchers Bread, the Dunnes Stores Better For You bread, which has the same PP value as Weightwatchers.  Or try the Aldi soft rolls.  Each roll has a Weightwatchers Propoint Value of 2 and there delicious. 

Enjoy your "fry" this Sunday,

oh and Come on You Boys in Green. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!

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