Sunday, 17 May 2015

True Colors

Freedom of speech is a beautiful privilage, we can say what we want and we are entitled and afforded that privilage.

Why don't we all go and tell our bosses exactly what we think of them and lets see exactly how "free" our speech really is and then, let's see who's side the law sits on? 

Freedom of speech in private or among friends is great, you can express anything you desire but those poster have as much to do with the upcoming referendum as my blue fish, nothing.  That Bill was past 2 months ago and did not need a referendum, if anyone has a problem with that Bill, you need to bring your concerns to your local politician.  It has no place in this referendum. 

However, when placing your opinion on posters and spreading your opinion across the country, you should stay within the structures and boundaries of the Equality Act 2004.  Not because it's politically correct and used as a means to silence people who struggle with change, but to allow those, who historically have been excluded and marginalised, to express themselves and to ensure that based on certain factors, certain sectors of society are not excluded and to ensure that policies are created to support their inclusion.

Public displays of freedom of speech should stay within the boundaries of non discriminatory behaviour.

Are we allowing "freedom of speech" to manifest itself into a tool to exclude a sector of society and using the forum of debate to share and voice our predjudice on people who's actions we don't understand ? 

Lately I have completed a good few charity events, all for depression, suicide or mental health.  One thing that I have noticed is how mental health is not an isolated illness that has no bearing on other parts of your life, but rather stems from life events.  It is part of the wheel of a persons life.  

The conversation about the referendum have for the most part, been about how this will effect me, as a straight person or you as a straight person.  

When do we ask the question, how will my vote impact the people it affects? If I vote no, how would that make a person feel? Do I vote only on what I think I should understand about how a person should love? Or do I vote with the power of knowing that love between consenting adults is just love.  No cloak and dagger, not rebellious and not wrong.

Would voting no, hurt a young person struggling with who they are? Would voting No impact generations of even the unborn negatively?  Will voting no make a person feel isolated?

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has fear, everyone has predjudices. 

Love is love. 

We don't need to understand other people's love, we just need to understand love.  

If your voting on the basis of feeling that another person's love is wrong? 

Will voting No make it right ?


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  2. “As Catholics, who we are cannot be separated from how we live. Jesus taught us to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and care for the sick and those in need, and the Catholic Church’s history of educating and serving the poor is long and well known.”

    Catholics can show love to everyone, without approving of sin, he explained.

    “We can embrace someone who has had an abortion. But we cannot proclaim that the killing of a child in the womb is good. For someone to insist that we do so under the guise of avoiding ‘discrimination’ is unjust.”

    Rather than an objective judgment of an action, “discrimination” is actually something very different and something the Church has abhorred through the ages.

    “In an age when the prevailing society treated some people like property, the first Christians saw slaves and nobles as brothers and sisters in Christ,” Cardinal Wuerl wrote. In modern times, Catholics helped the civil-rights movement obtain equal rights for Americans of all races, he added.

    “Prejudice and discrimination are wrong because they divide the human family, violate fundamental human dignity and are contrary to the truth and charity to which we are all called,” he continued.

    Yet although the Church embraces all sinners, it cannot approve of sin, he added. “Jesus did not change his message just because some who heard it felt it was a ‘hard saying.’”

    “No one should be surprised that the Church continues to be faithful to Jesus’ Gospel — his teaching,” he added. “After all, it is his message, his Church. We are not free to change either.”

    The Church is not imposing its will on everyone, he added, but seeks the freedom for Catholics to practice their faith publicly.

  3. Just something from the other side ... Free speech can it ever be tolerated ?

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